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ND High-Value Lactoferrine

It takes an incredible amount of liters of milk and a highly evolved and sophisticated technology to make just one kilogram of Lactoferrine – a High-Value ingredient we produce and sell worldwide.

Our 3 production sites are now running at full capacity, helping to meet growing worldwide demand for the product that is being to be known as ‘pink gold’.

(Belgium · 1 location and Spain · 2 locations).

Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring iron-binding protein found in milk and is in high demand, particularly in Asia, for a wide range of nutritional applications from infant formula through to health foods and yoghurts.

Lactoferrine as it can be extracted out of skimmed milk or cheese whey, should bear some specific properties and characteristics, so our proprietary technology permits to obtain such ingredient without impacting the use of that milk in other dairy products. We use preferably whey as our technology is at the same time recycling a by-product and creating value from a material that as normal was expensive to treat and recycle.

High Technology obtention,

Extracting this specialized protein from milk is something very few dairy industries and/or manufacturers can do, partially due to the investment needed both in capital, research and development.

Our special technology is the most advanced and adequate to produce High-Quality Lactoferrin with standard values comply with the EU and international parameters for this special nutrient, with full confident and in a trustworthy way.

Should be known tha Lactoferrine is present in human milk in high proportions, and breast-fed infants will consume up to three grams a day during their first week of life. This abundance of lactoferrine in human milk is considered to be an indication of its importance in infant nutrition” as Science supports now and research continues.

Because of this, our customers have invested in extensive research and trials on the benefits of lactoferrin particularly to the immune system, given, as a result from such extensive and deep research and trials, its strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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