DTS (Dairy Tech Solutions S.A.U.) is much more than Lactoferrin.

We create and design advanced solutions in Milk & Dairy Technology and Products. Under the umbrella of our matrix company, we develop cutting edge natural technologies and products engineered to give to producers the most advanced and cost-effective solutions in the milk and dairy industry worldwide.

Milk & Dairy Specials

Fermented Milk

Yogurt I / Yogurt II / Yogurt Dolce / Kefir C / Kefir H / Ayran / ABT Probiotic Culture / Leben.

Lactic Ferments

Aromatic B / Mesophil K / Mesophil III / Mesophile Plus / Mesophile F / Thermophilic B / Termophilic C.


L. Rhamnosus / Aromatic Helveticus / Propionibacterium Shermanii / F. Torta / L. Casei / Leuconostoc Mesenteroides / F. AG / Aromaplus Goat / Protective TM / Lusitano TM.


Complete line for acidification purposes.


Lysozyme / Catalase / Lactase / Lamb Esterase / Goat Lipase / Animal Rennet / Vegetal Rennet / Chymosin.

Yeast & Moulds

Penicillium camemberti / Penicillium roqueforti / Brevibacterium linens / Geotrichum candidum / F. Cortex.


Bifidobacterium (Capsules) / L. Casei / L. Rhamnosus / L. Acidophilus / L. Bulgaricus / L. Thermophilus.


Concentrated Antimould (for all classes of cheese)

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